Current stations (more are coming!):

Organization LocationCodeDate of first operation
Taipei Astronomical MuseumTaipei, TaiwanTAM19 Nov 2014 
National Astronomical Observatory of JapanTokyo, JapanNAOJ19 Dec 2014 
The University of Hong KongPokfulam, Hong KongHKU26 Dec 2014 
National Tsing Hua UniversityHsinchu, TaiwanNTHU30 Dec 2014 
Yeongyang Firefly Astronomical Observatory Yeongyang, KoreaYFAO24 Jan 2015
Chungbuk National University ObservatoryCheongju, KoreaCNUO27 Jan 2015 
Lulin ObservatoryLulin, TaiwanLUO27 Mar 2015
Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical CentreTsuen Wan, Hong KongHKn18 Apr 2015
South African Astronomical Observatory (Cape Town, SAAO)Cape Town, South AfricaSAAO28 Jul 2015
Kuzuha ObservatoryKanagawa, JapanKuO1 Aug 2015
National University of MongoliaUlaanbaatar, MongoliaNUM5 Aug 2015
Hungarian Astronomical AssociationZselic Starry Sky Park, HungaryZSSP24 Aug 2015
Hungarian Astronomical AssociationBárduvarnok, HungaryBar11 Sept 2015
Elsterland-ObservatorySouth-Brandenburg, GermanyELO25 Sept 2015 
Nagasaki Nishiyama ObservatoryNagasaki, JapanNNO19 Mar 2016
Daejeon Astronomical ObservatoryDaejeon, KoreaDAO20 Mar 2016
Yeongwol Byeolmaro Astronomical ObservatoryBongrae mountain summit, KoreaYBAO15 Jun 2016
Cheonan Hongdaeyong Science Museum ObservatoryCheonan, KoreaCHSMO16 Jun 2016
Chung-ju Goguryeo Astronomical ObservatoryChungcheongbuk-do, KoreaCGAO17 Jun 2016
Gokseong Soemjingang Astronomical ObservatoryJeollanam-do, KoreaGSAO8 Jul 2016
University of Saint JosephMacau Peninsula, MacauMac21 Aug 2016
University of Saint JosephTaipa, MacauTai14 Dec 2016
University of Saint JosephColoane, MacauCol14 Dec 2016
Hong Kong Space MuseumKowloon, Hong KongTST10 Jul 2017

Way to join

There are two ways you could join the network:

1. A limited number of meters is available for borrowing, please contact us for details.

2. If you already own or will purchase SQM-LE, you can also join the network.

If you are interested in joining the network, please kindly contact us.