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10 May 2017Raw data are published via Globe at Night here
21 Aug 2016Institute and Science and Environment, University of Saint Joseph joined the network!
8 Jul 2016Gokseong Soemjingang Astronomical Obserbatory joined the network!
17 Jun 2016Chung-ju Goguryeo Astronomical Observatory joined the network!
16 Jun 2016Cheonan Hongdaeyong Science Museum Observatory joined the network!
15 Jun 2016Yeongwol Byeolmaro Astronomical Observatory joined the network!
20 Mar 2016Daejeon Astronomical Observatory joined the network!
19 Mar 2016 Nagasaki Nishiyama Observatory joined the network!
25 Sept 2015Elsterland-Observatory joined the network!
11 Sept 2015Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences joined the network!
5 Aug 2015National University of Mongolia joined the network!
1 Aug 2015Kuzuha Observatory joined the network!
28 Jul 2015South African Astronomical Observatory (Cape Town, SAAO) joined the network!
26 May 2015 The GaN-MN project was presented by Dr Jason Pun of The University of Hong Kong in the presentation "Night Sky Brightness Measurements: Review and Prospects" during Light Pollution: Theory, Modelling, and Measurements (LPTMM) - 2015
18 Apr 2015 Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre joined the network!
27 Mar 2015 Lulin Observatory joined the network!
27 Jan 2015 Chungbuk National University Observatory joined the network!
24 Jan 2015 Yeongyang Firefly Astronomical Observatory joined the network!
7-9 Jan 2015 "Globe at Night - Sky Brightness Monitoring Network" User Workshop


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